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Flower Essences
  21st Century Medicine can provide the following medicines on request to clients and practitioners.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand
Selected essence blends (maximum 8 essences) ($25 per 25 ml bottle)
Constitutional blends based on your birthdate ($25 per 25ml bottle; $40 for two)
Prepared blends, e.g., Weight Loss Support, Crisis, De-Stress, Disaster Relief ($20 per 25 ml bottle)

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Selected essence blends (max 7 essences) ($25 per 25 ml bottle)
Prepared blends, e.g., Travel Essence, Emergency Essence, Confidence Essence, Calm & Clear Essence ($20 per 25 ml bottle)

White Light Essences
Light Frequency Essences
($25 per 25 ml bottle)

Homeobotanical Therapy
25 ml blend ($20)
50 ml blend ($35)

Homeopathic medicines

Rongoa Maori
Koha to cover materials
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