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Flower Essences
  Flower essence therapy  
  First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand
Sacred plant medicine from the native flowers, ferns, trees, seeds, and plants of New Zealand. They are available as ready made blends, such as Crisis Support, De-Stress Support, Weight Loss Support, Confidence Support and many others. Blends can be personalised based on date of birth, or selected according to the situation, or chosen from the flower essence cards.

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Plant spirit wisdom from Australia to help give clarity and courage, strength, and commitment to follow and pursue goals and dreams. They also help develop a higher level of intuition, self esteem, spirituality, creativity, and fun.

White Light Essences
Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Higher Self, Devic, Angelic essences help invoke and access the realm of nature and spirit within us to understand our spirituality and fulfill our highest potential.

Light Frequency Essences
Arctic, Antarctic, Amazon, China, Lake Baikai, and Madagascar essences help us be in harmony and expand during this time of spiritual, environmental, and planetary change.
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