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Flower Essences
  Homeobotanical therapy  
  Uses specific combinations of herbal energy to support the body. They open up the body's own natural drainage systems and enhance nutrient assimilation to speed up healing and boost energy levels. There are over 50 standard Homeobotanical formulations covering a range of organs and systems in the body.

Generally, two or three appropriate Homeobotanicals are chosen and dispensed as a blend. Homeobotanicals may be combined with essences if required.

The most popular Homeobotanicals include:
Colds and flu: HbI (immune) together with HbC (colds, coryza), HbPrm (natural antibiotic)
Cough tonic: HbX (expectorant)
Organ support: HbL (liver) together with HbB (blood), HbK (kidney)
Skin tonic: HbL, HbB, HbS (skin)
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